Noonie's Supplies

Are among the best in the industry. If they don't have what you are looking for give them a call and they will help you find what you are looking for. 


Noonie's offers very competitive pricing.


"Finally a true southern whitetail form. This form has a nice slender head along with just the right amount of detail all the way down to the brisket. Give them a try, you will not be sorry." 

- E. Scott Harlow

"Noonkester's has been our first choice in taxidermy supplies for several years now! Awesome folks that treat you like a VIP every time we go in their shop!!"

- Roni Brown Endicott

"Outstanding company to deal with the entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them."

-Jim Simpson

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Virginia Taxidermists Association Annual Competition and Convention this weekend!

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Congratulations to Parkers Taxidermy for winning the 50.00 store credit at the PA Taxidermy Show!! 

-March 11, 2017

Noonie's Supplies


1. Potter's Clay (Left) - Comes mixed and ready to use. Great for ear butts! 

#PC-25 - 25lb. block - $16.95

2.) Critter Clay (Right) by Aves Studio

This has been called "The Premium Clay" and is used by professionals worldwide. Tried, tested and abused, this self-hardening modeling clay is very accurate, light weight, extra strong, etc. and cleans up with water. You will be impressed!

#CC-5 - 5lb - $16

Zap Gels

  1. Zap Gel (Left) - The thickest "Super Glue" formula is now available from the makers of Zap-A-Gap. Nearly the consistency of toothpaste, Zap Gel will not run on vertical of inverted surfaces, yet has all the instant bonding properties of other Zap products.                                                   #ZAP-3  -  20 grams - $8.99

2.) ZAP A GAP (CA+)

Taxidermists everywhere are is covering the many uses of Zap-A-Gap. This excellent all purpose instant bonding glue has a thicker consistency to readily fill gaps as it bonds permanently. The unique non-glogging tip design allows hundreds of uses from each individual bottle, and makes it easy to achieve pinpoint control over each drop applied. It is perfect for artificial duck heads, open mouth work, or closing small holes. Zap-A-Gap CA+ allows 7-10 seconds for positioning, and a 20 second cure time. Bonds anything to anything,  even oily surfaces!

#ZAP-1 - 1 oz - $7.99

Debonding / Apoxie

  1. Z-7 DEBONDER (Left) from Zap softens and removes cured cyanoacrylates (all brands of Super Glue). Use it to clean hardened glue from your fingers, tools and workbench. If you can get to the glue, you can even repair misaligned skins. Flammable

#ZAP-7 - 1 oz. - $4.95

2.) APOXIE SCULPT by Aves Studio

Excellent for finishing open mouths, eyes, nostrils and repairing broken antlers. Dries hard, will not shrink or crack & accepts all paint. User friendly.

#AS-4 (natural) - 4lb. $37

#AS-1 (natural) - 1lb. $16

#AS-1 (pink) - 1lb. $20

#AS-1 (brown) - 1lb. $20

#AS-4 (black) - 1lb. $20

Gloves / Apron

1. Latex Gloves (Left) - Superior form ans strength, high sensitivity, exclusive tripple-dipped minimizes pinholes. Convenient dispenser box. Surgical glove quality, non-sterile, superb fit for either hand. Size Large 

#LEG-100 - 100 per box - $11.95

2. Denim Apron (Right)  - This is a very low price for a shop apron of this quality. This dark blue denim apron with white cloth ties and neck strap is a good "everyday" apron for taxidermy purposes.  Helps protect your clothes from blood, grease, fish odor, paint and dirt. Heavy-duty construction for daily use. To clean your denim apron, just throw it in the washing machine. No special care is required. The practical design includes two large tool pockets and pencil pocket at chest level. 

#APR - $10.95

Tags / Tongue Blades

1. Waterproof Tags (Left) - When used with permanent marking pen, you have a waterproof system for tagging all your fish, deer, tanning, etc. (100 tags with metal clips)

#WTMC-1 - 100 tags  $5.95

2. Tongue Blades (Right) - Non-sterile, used for mixing bondo and compounds.

#TB-500 - 500 per box $14.95

Foam / Fiberglass / Paste Kit

1. Urethane Foam  (Left)- Two part urethane foam. Medium density

#UFQ - 2 Quart Kit  $34.95

2. Chopped Fiberglass (Middle)- Used to Reinforce Bondo (for Bondo Ear Method)

#FGCH-1    1 Pound - $6.95

3. Dry Hide Paste Kit (Right) - Used for all types of tanned skins (including dry preserved)

#HPK-25 - 25 pounds $34.95

Contents; 10 Pounds Dextrin and 10 Pounds Whiting and 5 Pounds High Fiber (comes mixed)

Supplies - 2

Antler Mount Forms

  1. AM-1   Small WTD Antlers - $7
  2. AM-2   Medium WTD Antlers - $8
  3. AM-3   Large WTD Antlers - $9  

Hangers by Level-Rite

#HD-1002 - Level-Rite  Used for Deer/Fish  - $0.85 / each 

12 Count - $9.60

100 Count - $75


  1. #MN-Hanger $2 each  - Hangers by Mike Noon (Works Great for Wall Turkey Mounts). Designed to lock limbs or wall bases from turning (with double-slot system). *Photo does not show back spacers that comes with each hanger to prevent you from having to drill recess holes. 
  2. General Purpose Hangers (Right) #101MH $0.25 each  12 count - $2.50 100 count - $20.00

Flocking Material

Many Users in Taxidermy Field:

  • Base and Habitat Work
  • Velvet Antler Repair
  • Texturing Back Plate on Pedestal and Wall Pedestal Mounts and Antler Mounts

Full Directions are included

  1. FL-LBC   Light Brown Coarse 32oz  $10.95
  2. FL-MBC  Medium Brown Coarse  32oz  $10.95
  3. FL-DBC  Dark Brown Coarse  32oz  $10.95

PINS (Super Steel)

  1. "T" Pins (left)  #TPS-2   2" half pound boxes  $15.95
  2. Jumbo Head Pins (middle)  #JHPI-2  1 3/4"  - 250 per box $7.95
  3. Bank Pins (Right) #BANK-1  1 1/16" Half Pound Box  $13.95

Bird Necking Material / Cape Thread

1. Flexible Foam Bird Necking Material (Left)  

MN-BN-3/8 3/8" Diam./10 Ft. Section $4.90

MN-BN-1/2 1/2" Diam./10 Ft. Section $5.00

MN-BN-5/8 5/8" Diam./10 Ft. Section $5.35

MN-BN-3/4 3/4" Diam./10 Ft. Section $5.50

MN-BN-1     1" Diam./10 Ft. Section $6.00

2. Sinew Cape Thread (Right)

A waxed thread that can be used as a single thread or separated into smaller threads, depending on the application at hand. To separate thread into smaller threads, hold end and peel slowly with fingers. Can be separated into five threads 70 lb. strength, 450 ft. (150 yds.) long, natural color.

#CSTH-1  1 Spool  $9.95

SUpplies - 3

Galvanized Wire

Item #  Gauge/Length  Pieces/lb

GW-6  6/48"  3/lb  1lb - $4.45/lb or 5lb/$20 

GW-8  8/36"  5/lb  1lb - $4.45/lb or 5lb/$20 

GW-10  10/36"  7/lb  1lb - $4.45/lb or 5lb/$20 

GW-12  12/36"  11/lb  1lb - $4.45/lb or 5lb/$20 

GW-14  14/24"  22/lb  1lb - $4.45/lb or 5lb/$20 

GW-16  16/24"  47/lb  1lb - $4.45/lb or 5lb/$20 

Sewing Needles

Surgical quality needles, three-sided. Available straight or curved.

STRAIGHT Cutting Edge, Triangular Cutting Edge

#N-104 Sizes available 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3"  $1.60

CURVED Cutting Edge, Triangular Cutting Edge

#N-102 Sizes available  3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/4"  $1.70

DOUBLE CURVED, Triangular Cutting Edge

#N-190 Sizes available  2 3/4", 3 3/4", 4 1/4", 5 1/2"  $1.95

Helpful Hints for Bird Mounting

  1. Goose  -  Neck (12) - Wings (14) - Legs(12) - Neck Material Size 1" - Eye Size (12mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  2. Woodduck - Neck(14) - Wings (14) - Legs (14) - Neck Material Size (5/8") - Eye Size (11mm) - Eye Color (Red) (male)
  3. Pintail - Neck(12) -  Wings (16) - Legs (12) - Neck Material Size (3/4") - Eye Size (11mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  4. Bufflehead - Neck(16) -  Wings (18) - Legs (14) - Neck Material Size (3/8") - Eye Size (10mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  5. Blue-Winged Teal - Neck(14) -  Wings (18) - Legs (14) - Neck Material Size (1/2") - Eye Size (9mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  6. Hooded Merganser - Neck(14) -  Wings (18) - Legs (14) - Neck Material Size (5/8") - Eye Size (11mm) - Eye Color (Yellow)
  7. Redhead - Neck(12) -  Wings (16) - Legs (12) - Neck Material Size (3/4") - Eye Size (11mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  8. Goldeneye - Neck(13) -  Wings (16) - Legs (13) - Neck Material Size (1") - Eye Size (11mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  9. Mallard/Black Duck - Neck(13) -  Wings (16) - Legs (13) - Neck Material Size (1") - Eye Size (11mm) - Eye Color (Brown)
  10. Turkey - Neck(12) -  Wings (10) - Legs (8) - Neck Material Size (1") - Eye Size (12mm) - Eye Color (Brown)

Pro-1 Oil, Concentrate, Acid

1.) Pro-1 Advanced Formula Professional Tanning Oil (Left)

  • Non-Yellowing ... designed for pale/white leather.
  • Deep penetrating oil ... strong permanent tanning agent
  • Softer skins that are easier to prep ... superior stretch.
  • Smells like leather.
  • "Commercial Wet  - Tan in a Bottle"

#PT0Q   1 Quart  $18

#PTOG  1 Gallon  $55

2.) Pro-1 Liquasafe Acid (Middle)

 ~ Replaces all other acids

  • 1/2 fl. oz. per gallon of water
  • Odorless and biodegradable
  • No burns or evaporation
  • Produces plump skins for easy shaving

#LSAQ  1 Quart   $12

#LSAG  1 Gallon  $39

3.) Pro-1 Deodorizer Concentrate (Right)

  • 100% odor "neutralizer" .. use on sheep, elk, antelope, etc.
  • 1 fl. oz. / gallon solution
  • Neutral pH ... wildflower scent

#DEODQ   1 Quart    $20

Pro-1 Wash, Degreaser, Tan

1.) Pro-1 "No Rinse" Wash (Left)

  • Pre-mount low pH wash agent
  • "No rinse" necessary - 2 fl. oz / 5 gallon water (neutral pH)

#NRWG  1 Gallon  $25

2.) Pro-1 Degreaser / Relaxer

  • Degreaser and relaxer in one
  • 2-5 fl. oz. / 5 gallon solution
  • Solvent free concentrate - biodegradable
  • Neutral pH

#DEGQ  1 Quart  $17

3.)  Liqua Tan by Knobloch

A complete and permanent tan. Fast drying, compatible with all hide paste, excellent stretch, sets hair, no oily mess. Reduces shrinkage to almost zero. Easy to use. Can be mounted the same day or dried and handled as a tanned skin. 

#KN-01-19015  1 Quart   $20.79

#KN-01-19020  1 Gallon  $58.53

pH Paper, Protex Pre-Soak, Kemal, Deodorizer

1.) Pro-1 pH Paper (Left)

  • 1.2 - 2.4  range disposable litmus paper for monitoring acid pickle. 

#PHP-12   $9

2. Protex Pre-Soak by Knobloch (Left Middle)

A water soluble componund for protection of hair, fur, and feathers from mothand other insect damage. Also cleans and conditions hair. This product is usded in the last rinse of the tanning process and in the rehydration bath prior to mounting. Concentrated. Use one ounce per gallon of water.

#KN-01-23515   1 Quart   $43.10

3) KEMAL -4 by Knobloch (Right Middle)

Kemal-4 is a relaxer, skin prep, detergent type degreaser and cleaner all in one. Concentrated and safe to use. Can be used in all soak solutions. Prepares teh skin to accept tanning, relaxes the skin for easier shaving. Softens skin such as African and grease burned skins. Will not cause hair slippage like ordinary soaps because of its low pH. Is about ten times stronger than most dish detergents.

#KN-01-17015   1 Quart  #17.15

4.) Deodorizer Wash by Knobloch (Right)

A concentrated wash that removes and mask unpleasant odors in skins such as bear, antelope, domestic sheep, fox, coyotes, goats, etc.

#KN-01-14010   1  pint   $14.30

Tanning Supplies & More

Dry Preservatives / Citric Acid

1. )  Dry Preservative

This dry preservative is in fine powder form, allowing for easy application and excellent penetration. It is the very best available.

#TDPR-5    5 lbs.     $10.95

#TDPR-25  25 lbs.   $44.95

2.) Citric Acid

A natural pickling product. Available in bulk. Instructions for suggested use are included.

#CT-210-1lb   1 lbs.     $4.95

#CT-210-5lb    5 lbs.    $19.95 


We recommend that you do not use well water with this product. High content of lime causes acid in pickle to neutralize. 

Pro-1 Premium Hide Paste

"The most effective glue in the history of taxidermy!" 100% Competition Effective!

Pro-1 Premium Hide Paste

  • Grip ability with no equal ... never pin an open-mouth lip line again
  • Thick, heavy body...white, one-part adhesive - easy slip maneuverability.
  • Extended open-time...dries slower - can make adjustments next day.
  • Super-concentrated...contains no fillers or dextrin.
  • Tanned skins only...water clean-up or brush out. 
  • Flexible, non-cracking, non-molding.

#PHPG      1 Gallon   $38

Dry Hide Paste Kit

Dry Hide Paste Kit

Used for all types of tanned skins (including dry preserved)

#HPK-25    25 pounds   $34.95


  • 10 pounds Dextrin
  • 10 pounds Whiting 
  • 5 pounds High Fiber (comes pre-mixed)

Finished Foot Ferrules

Finished Foot Ferrules by Elite Wholesale Fish Taxidermy

Ferrules come finished in a brown color with highlighted gold roping.

#FF-1   Ferrules (Per Pair)   $3.50

Sculpting Clay

Roma Plastilina Sculpting Clay #2 Grey-Green Medium

The choice of professional sculptors worldwide

#550B-2   2 lb. brick $17.95

Adjusting Probes / Scissors

1. Adjusting Probes (Left)

These plastic handled adjusting probes have sharpened steel points. Handy item with many uses.

#AP-6   Total Length 6" - Probe Length 2"   $6.95

#AP-8   Total Length 8" - Probe Length 4"   $6.95

#AP-10   Total Length 10" - Probe Length 6"   $6.95

2.) Taxidermy Scissors (Right)

Curved Blade! Very Sharpe! Very Strong!

One of the best taxidermy scissors on the market. Great for all types of fleshing and other uses. Noonie has used these for 20 years! A must for your shop!

#53802    7" curved   $17.95


Dan-D-Noser, Ear Opener / Tail Puller

1. Dan-D-Noser (Left)

This is the same roller-type tool as the MAC-Z-SCALER which has the texture of a deer nose pad imprinted on the roller.

The endless job of texturing deer noses must be done for a quality mount if you want to be paid top dollar.

We set eyes correctly, ears correctly, muscle tone, and even detail veins in the face but sometimes pay little or no attention to the nose. A little mod podge, a little paint, a little gloss, and the nose is finished. This will not do in today’s highly detailed mounts. A competition type nose can now be done in a matter of 3-4 minutes using the DAN-D-NOSER!

DIRECTIONS: Step 1) Apply poxie Sculpt (recommended) to nose. Only a small amount is needed. Smooth and feather out along the edges. Step 2) Wet the roller so Apoxie Sculpt will not stick and roll across the nose pad. Step 3) Paint and apply flat or matte finish. Total time involved is 3-4 minutes.

#D-D-NOSER   $34

2. Ear Opener / Tail Puller (Right)

This aluminum tool is two tools in one. First, it is a strong yet delicate ear opener for small to large ears. Secondly, it will serve as a quality tail puller.

#EOTP     $23.95

Scalpel Handles & Blades, Knife & Scissor Sharpener

1. Scalpel Handles & Blades (Left)


HAVH-3   #3 Handle (Fits #10 Blades) $4.60

HAVH-4   #4 Handle (Fits #22 Blades) $4.75


HAVB-10-10  #10 Blade  pkg of 10  $4.80

HAVB-10-100  #10 Blade  pkg of 100  $28

HAVB-22-10  #22 Blade  pkg of 10  $4.80

HAVB-22-10  #22 Blade  pkg of 100  $28

2. Knife & Scissor Sharpener (Right)

The Smith’s Knife & Scissor Sharpener features a specially designed “V” shaped sharpening slot with two crossed tungsten carbide blades, which are pre-set so that you can get the correct sharpening angle every time. It is safe and easy to use,and only takes three or four strokes to put a quick sharp edge on any household knife. The carbide blades are reversible and replaceable. Also has a built in scissor sharpener in the handle. It features a specially designed and patented “FLOATING” round ceramic rod, which conforms to the exact angle of your scissors every time. Just three or four easy strokes will put the edge back on your scissors. The scissors sharpener works on both left and right-handed scissors.

#KSS-2001   $8.99

Badger Airbrushes & Accessories

This airbrush was developed specifically for use in taxidermist’s studios. Simple to use. No complicated gadgets. To me, this is the workhorse of all airbrushes. We use this airbrush in our paintbooth daily. (We also keep an inventory of parts that could be purchased if needed) and replaceable. Also has a built in scissor sharpener in the handle. It features a specially designed and patented “FLOATING” round ceramic rod, which conforms to the exact angle of your scissors every time. Just three or four easy strokes will put the edge back on your scissors. The scissors sharpener works on both left and right-handed scissors.

1. Double Action Airbrush (Left)

#150-1-BA  150 Double Action Airbrush  $126 

2. Plastic Jar with Adapter (Middle) #51-0055-BA  3 Ounce Plastic Jar with Adapter  $8.08

3. Air Hose (Right) #50-2011-BA  10 foot Braded Air Hose  $20.20

Static Flocking, Hide Puller

Simple to use for competition quality veining. Just add in small amount to gloss modge-podge and brush on. Gives a very natural looking veining look.

1. Bright Red Static Flocking (Left)

#BRSF-4   4 oz.   $9.95 (goes a long way)

2. Hide Puller (Right)

This handy tool eliminates accidentally pulling the hair out of heavy, wet capes when adjusting the skin. Use it to move the skin over mannikins by inserting the pronged teeth into the hide. Constructed from maple hard wood with six sharp pronged teeth on one end, corrugated rubber on the other.

#HP-1   $13.35

Saw, Fish Cheeker Tool

1. Bone Saw & Blades (Top)

This heavy duty, professional 17 1/2" bone cutting saw works great! High carbon steel blade with file sharpened teeth is designed for cutting bone with minimal effort. Made to use day in and day out, built to last. Great for cutting antler plates, feet, necks, etc. Replaceable blades (sold separately) can be changed in seconds.

#KL-17   Saw    $46.30

#KLB-17 Blade  $5.10

2. Fish Cheeker Tool (Bottom)

By Paul Borkowski and Matt Thompson. This handy tool is ideal for loosening cheek meat through eye sockets without tearing delicate skin.

#MTCT-1   Medium  $12.30

#MTCT-2    Small     $12.30

Fish Skinning Knife, Fleshing Tool

1. Fish Skinning Knife (Top)

This is the original fish skinning knife with a new custom handle. Fish can easily be skinned without cutting. A must for the fish taxidermist.

#FSK-1   $8.95

2. Fish Fleshing Tool (Bottom)

This tool takes most of the physical effort out of the job of fleshing fish skins. The blade is made from heat treated carbon steel and is permanently bonded to the hands.

#FF-100   $9.95


Fish Skinning Knives, Calipers

1. Fish Skinning Knives (Left)

By Paul Borkowski and Matt Thompson. The design of these knives allows easier access into tight areas in the head for proper meat and tissue removal as well as allowing you to skin the fish without tearing away at the skin. We feel these knives are an essential tool in any shop. Available in right-hang and left-hand versions.

#MTFK-1R   large, rt-handed  $12.30 #MTFK-2R  small, rt-handed  $12.30

2. Calipers (Right)

Made of high quality aluminum, adjustable with thumb screw. Valuable tool that can be used to measure eye-to-nose, width and length of bird bodies, etc. Available in two sizes. 

#AL-8       8"    $13.45

#AL-12   12"    $15.45 

Modeling Tools

All four are the original Gene Smith modeling tools. Made of non-rusting stainless steel with a non-slip clear plastic grip. Each tool has a specific use and is a must for high quality and competition mounts. 

1. GMT - Double spooned modeling tool   $15.50

2. LTMT - Lip Tucker on one end, modeling tool on other end.    $15.50

3. ULTT - Lip slot maker on one end, lip tucker on other end.    $15.50

4. DMT - Detailed modeling tool for smoothing & detailing around nostrils, open mouths, and eyes.    $15.50

Fleshing Knife

Fleshing Knives are known for their high quality stainless steel blades that maintain a razor sharp edge. Also comes with a non slip textured handle.

#VN-40601   3 1/4" Blade  $5.95

Habitat Table and Floor Bases

In Barn Wood Finish by Calloway's (Habitats pictured in bases are sold separately)

Wood Finish by Calloway's

Habitat Bases

BW-181833 - Barn Wood Floor Base 18" x 18" x 16"   $175

BW-182424-AT - Barn Wood Floor Base  18" x 24" x 24"   $225 (Angled Top)

BW-131333 -  Barn Wood Floor Base 13" x 13" x 33"   $185

BW-131842-AT - Barn Wood Floor Base 18" x 24" x 24"   $225 (Angled Top)

BW-16163  - Barn Wood Table Top Base !6" x 16" x 2 3/4"   $24.95

BW-16243  - Barn Wood Table Top Base 16" x 24" x 2 3/4"   $28.95

BW-181816  - Barn Wood Floor Base  18" x 18" x 16"   $175

Habitat Panels and Pedestals

BW-TRBP2831 - Barn Wood Turkey Panel 28" x 31"   $65

814EPED-BW  (Wall or Table) Barn Wood European Pedestal  8" x 14 1/2" x 6"   $45

1823DP-BW  - Barn Wood Deer Panel  18" x 23"    $35

814ERO-BW - Barn Wood European Panel  8" x 14 1/2"   $16

Habitat Table and Floor Bases

Economically Priced Bases & Earth Habitats

Note: New floor and table top bases

#BW-16163 and #BW-16243 have 1/2" recess underside with 1/2" board in bottom.


Habitat Bases

Top side of bases have a 7/8" recess with 1 1/2" thick wood x 2 3/4" tall

Earth Habitats

Fits both new bases

Earth Habitats to fit both new bases #BW-16163 and #BW-16243.  Habitats are approximately 2" - 3" tall of urethane foam with 1/2" board in bottom and earth texture

Earth Habitats

Earth Habitats & Rocks

Smaller Octagon Bases

Earth Habitats to fit all of our bases Habitats are approximately 2” - 3” tall of urethane foam with 1/2” board in bottom and earth texture.

1. HB-1313 (Top) 13" x 13" Fits Octagon Bases $19

2. HB-1318 (Bottom) 13" x 18" Fits Octagon Bases  $22

Larger Octagon Bases

1. HB-1818 (Top)   18" x 18"  Fits Octagon Bases  $25

2. HB-1824 (Bottom)  18" x 24"  Fits Octagon Bases  $28

Display real testimonials

1. HB-1616 (Top)  16" x 16" - Fits Square Bases $25

2. HB-1624 (Bottom)  16" x 24" - Fits Rectangle Bases  $28

Artificial Rocks

1. AR-34 (Left) - Artificial Rock  $9.95 (H: 3 5/8" W: 3" L:4") 

2. AR-6510 (RIght) - Artificial Rock  $18.95 (H: 3" W: 3" L: 4")

Artificial Rocks

1. AR-6510 (Top) - Artificial Rock  $18.95 (H: 3" W: 6 1//2"  L: 10")

2. AR-857 (Bottom) - Artificial Rock $29.95 (H: 10 1/2"  W: 8 1/2" L: 7")

Flocking Material

Many Uses in Taxidermy Field:

• Base and Habitat Work

• Velvet Antler Repair

• Texturing Back Plate on Pedestal

and Wall Pedestal Mounts and Antler Mounts

(Full Directions are included)

FL-GF....Lawn Green Fine....32oz....$10.95

FL-LBC....Light Brown Coarse....32oz....$10.95

FL-MBC....Medium Brown Coarse....32oz....$10.95

FL-DBC....Dark Brown Coarse....32oz....$10.95

Habitats and Drift Wood

Driftwood by Elite Wholesale Fish Taxidermy

1. WH-2923-R (Left) ...Habitat/Rock $59.95

WH-2923 Habitat $39.95

(H: 29” W: 23” D: 8”)

2. TL-2911 (Right)  - Turkey Roost Limb $52.95

H: 29” W: 11” (D: 22” from wall)

Some of the most realistic looking artificial driftwood on the market

WH-2922-R Habitat/Rock......$59.95


H: 29” W: 22” D: 16” 

(Plant sold Separately)

Amazingly Realistic Driftwood

1. AW-1 (Left) Artificial Driftwood

$12.95 (H: 14” W: 3 1/2”)

2. AW-2   Artificial Driftwood

$13.95 (H: 17 1/2” W: 4”)

This driftwood and tree bark slab will make your mounts look more realistic

1. TBS-1020 (Left) Tree Bark Slab $27.95 (H: 20” W: 10” D: 3”)

2. AW-3 (Right) Artificial Driftwood $14.95 (H: 21” W: 4 1/4”)

Habitats come with no-tilt hanger system installed.

WH-2718-R Habitat/Rock $59.95

WH-2718 Habitat $39.95 

(H: 27” W: 18” D: 4”)

(Plant sold Separately)

(Note: Habitats hang separately from mounts for a variety of uses. Easily transports with simple additions to new or previous mounts.)

Driftwood in all types

1. AW-4 (Left) Artificial Driftwood $14.95

(H: 18 1/2” W: 6 1/2”)

2. AW-5 (Right) Artificial Driftwood $16.95 (H: 21” W: 7 1/2”)

Habitat Materials

Planet Materials

1. SP652 - Sugar Pine (Top Left)  30” - $7.95 

2. 376PC Long Needle Pine with

Cones(Top Middle)  26” -  $8.95

3. 30PVC(Top Right) - Long Needle

Pine - $4.95

4. CS1033 (Bottom) - Cedar Spray -$4.95

Spruces, Garlands, Ferns

1. SP718 (Top Left) - Spruce  $5.95

2. TG130 (Top Right) - Twig Garland  $5.25

3. F571 (Bottom Left)  Fern Pick  - $3.25

4. LG390 (Bottom Right) - Running Garland Leaf - $8.95

Bush Grass, River Grass, Fern Picks

1. GB370 (Top Left) - Grass Bush - $7.95

2. RG9927 (Bottom Left) - River Grass - $7.50

3. F572 (Top Right) - Fern Pick 11” - $3.75

4. TG5036 (Bottom Right) - Six Inch Grass (Pk. 3) - $1.95

Plant Roots, Oak Bush, Oak

1.  OB800 (Left) - Oak Bush Autumn -        $10.50

2. OK890 (Middle) - Oak Leaves with

Acorns. - $6.95

3. 2MP271 (Right) - Varigated Plant with

Roots - 12” -$4.50

Moss, Mushrooms, Grass

1. SG4  (Top Left) - Sheet Moss  -  $3.95

2. M180  (Bottom Left) - Mushrooms Sm. Round (Pk. 5) - $8.95

3. DG5032. (Bottom Right) - Six Inch Grass (Pk. 3) - $1.95

Display their FAQs

1. OK300A (Left) - Oak Leaves 

Preserved - $4.50

2. OK305A (Right) - Oak Leaves Preserved

(Autumn) - $4.50