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Noonie's Taxidermy Services

Noonie’s Taxidermy Supply, owned and operated by Mike Noonkester, manufactures forms for taxidermists and sells all necessary taxidermy tools and supplies.

Noonie's Taxidermy Forms

Our company offers taxidermy forms for Whitetail Deer and Boar as well as Bobcat, Coyote, Grey Fox, Red Fox and Racoon. Along with all these forms we have Tohickon Glass Eyes , Mohr Jawsets for your small game, Eppley deer earliners, replacement noses, nictitating membranes and septums for your deer, and a line of artificial noses and jawsets to fit our boar forms.

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Noonie's Turkey Bodies & Accessories

We also offer Turkey bodies and all of their accessories like Fortune tailers, Plug-in wire systems, drum sticks, flexible necks, wings  and a DVD on how to mount your turkey.

Fish Bodies & Accessories

If you mount fish we have Trout bodies, Small Mouth Bass bodies artificial Trout Heads and Flex Eyes to fit them all.

Noonie's Taxidermy Miscellaneous Items

We have miscellaneous items you might need for your mounts, like Pro-1 Hide Paste and Tanning Products, Dry Preservatives, Citric Acid, Aves Critter Clay and Apoxie Sculpt as well as Potters Clay. You may also need a few tools like Scalpel blades and handles, knives, scissors and sharpeners maybe even a Dan-D-Noser for your deer.  For your finishing touches we have Bases, Artificial Rocks, Artificial Driftwood , Habitat Materials, Zap-A-Gap Glue and Gel and don't forget you might have to to hang them with a Level Rite Hanger or a No Tilt Hanger.

If You Don't See What You Need - We'll Assist You

Even if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call we will be glad to assist you. 

Local :276.628.7182

Toll Free: 844.419.8475


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