Noonkester Freeze Dry

Noonkester Freeze Dry has over 30 years experience specializing in Freeze Dried Turkey Heads

New & Improved Quality Heads with all new inserts!

New Inserts include rigid foam, including skull; auto-post for proper eye set; concave/convex eyes.

All turkey head inserts are removable for hollow mount method.

You Supply Unpainted $54.95 - Painted $89.95

We Supply Unpainted $69.95 - Painted $104.95

Note: Unpainted heads are sealed and ready to paint! 

If turkey's eye expression needs to be changed, simply dampen with alcohol and adjust, then let air dry. 

All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Fast Turn-Around 6-8 weeks

Fast Turn-Around 6-8 weeks

Trade-Out Service Offered on spares

already complete!

Credit For Spares $10.00 per head

(mature heads in

good condition)

Also Offering for Whitetail Deer

and Other Species

Feet for Gun Racks, etc. ~ Velvet Antlers

Call For Pricing – 276-628-7182


For best results on turkey heads, skin heads to back

of skull,cut unnecessary neck off, place individually

in ziplock bag and label with a permanent marker,

freeze solid, then wrap in a paper towel!

Then pack

all in a leak-proof container and SHIP NEXT DAY AIR

by UPS only! DO NOT SHIP POSTAL as they do not

guarantee next day service. Ship out no later in the

week than Wednesday.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Check by phone or we  can ship C.O.D.

(If C.O.D. amount is above $100, Cashier’s Check or

Money Order is required.)

New & Improved Quality Inserts

Our new & Improved Quality Inserts are cast and sculpted from real turkey head armatures

New correct length inserts. No other neck needed when using our forms. 

All new inserts are removable for hollow mount method. 

Noonie's Turkey Heads

Our turkey heads are one of our best sellers and highly regarded in the industry. 

Noonie's Realistic Freeze Dried Turkey Heads

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

Cast and freeze dried heads


Cast Heads are great for mounts and decoys

 Item #CTH-FH


New Artificial HenTurkey Heads

Item #CTH-WH

Hen Standing

Cast Directly Off our Freeze-Dried Heads|Finished and Painted

1Item #CTH-SH

Strutting Turkey Head

Standing Alert

Check out our new freeze-dried paint schedule

(Thanks to Harold McQuire of Christiansburg VA)

Painted By Beefy Collins

Fighting Turkey Head

Flying - Closed Mouth Turkey Head

Flying - Open Mouth Turkey Head

Noonie's Gobbling - Turkey Head

Walking / Roosting Turkey Head

Hen - Flying / Walking Turkey Head

Hen - Standing Turkey Head

Turkey Heads Hanging dead pose

Noonie's new artificial ploymer Resin Hen Turkey Heads are cast directly off our freeze-dried heads and they are finished and and painted and sell for $79.95

Select your pose. All our turkey heads are created by professionals. 

Noonie's Turkey Heads are great for mounts and decoys. Noonie's has over 20 years experience. Our freeze-dried paint schedule makes our turkey heads ready when you need them.

The turkey heads have full inserts with new concave/convex eyes.  Turkey Heads are hollowed out for easy attachment. 

Turkey Mount Poses

Turkey (Standing/Walking)

Noonie's turkey heads will make your mounts alot easier with removable inserts with correct lengths sculpted  to match right up to our bodys ! 

Flying / Gobbling Turkey

Noonie's Turkey heads are created from quality  Turkey Heads that feature realistic details with there natural eye rings 

Strutting Turkey

Noonie's Freeze Dried Turkey Heads  inserts are sculpted to fit each Body depending on pose.

Turkey Bodies

How to Measure Your Forms...


  1. L - Length fo foam measure with caliper
  2. G - Circumference at largest portion of body

New measurement Guide

All measures are meat measurements

Turkey Breast

Tail slot with wood molded in

Turkey breast,drumsticks,necks

Noonie's Turkey Breast

Noonie's Turkey Breast  with new measurement guides makes mounting easier

Flexible Turkey

Flexible Turkey 

Wing Inserts with Plugs and Wire

Drumsticks with Plugs and Wire and Rod

Top image: Drumsticks with Plugs

Bottom image: Drumsticks with Rod

Flexible Necks

Flexible Necks with Plugs and Wire

Noonie's Turkey Bodies make you proud of your trophy turkey

Noonie's  Turkey Bodies and flexible Turkey mount options making taxidermy a work of art. 

Mounting a Strutting Turkey A to Z DVD

Instructional DVD by Tim Jordon

Item # TJDVD-S ................$49.95

Innovative Wire Plug In System

New Innovative Wire Plug In System

New Innovative Wire Plug In System

Simply drill 5/8" hole in body and glue plugs. All plugs and kits come with easy to follow directions.

Noonie's has a wide collection of Turkey Wire Plug Kits

Innovative Wire Plug In Systems Simplifies  Body Plug Inserts.

Drill hole in body and glue in plugs

  • 12 gage plug in wires (Turkey Wings - Standing) - $2.50 pr
  • 10 gage plug in wires (Turkey Wings - Flying/Strutting/Gobbling) - $2.70 pr
  • 10 gage plug in wires (Turkey Legs - Flying) - $2.90 pr
  • 3.16" plug in wires (Turkey Legs - Strutting/Standing/Gobbling) - $3.50 pr
  • Turkey neck wire plug (Strutting) - $1.80 
  • Turkey neck wire plug (Standing/Gobbling/Flying) - $1.80

Innovative Wire Plug In System Kits

  • Turkey tail wire plug - $1.50
  • Support rods and plug for flying turkey - $4.75
  • Turkey Kit - Standing - $9.00
  • Turkey Kit - Strutting - $9.00
  • Turkey Kit - Gobbling - $9.00
  • Turkey Kit - Flying - $13.25

*All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Turkeys Mounted By Andy Speers

Turkey Wings Standing

Easy to do with wire plug in system

Turkey Gobbling

Turkey Kit tail wire plug

Turkey Flying

Support Rods and plug for flying turkey

New Turkey Bodies and Inserts

How to measure your turkey forms

L - Length of foam measured with caliper

G - Circumference at largest portion of body

*All measurements are meat measurements.

All new inserts are removable for hollow mount method.

New correct length inserts. No other turkey neck needed when using Noonie's turkey forms. 

Our quality inserts are cast and sculpted from real turkey head armatures.

Noonie's turkey heads and turkey necks will work perfectly with whatever form you chose. 

Fortune Tailer - Tail Shaper

Get the perfect 3-D layered tail every time using the Fortune Tailer System

AC101 - The Fortune Tailer I for Half-Struts - $29.95

The Fortune Tailer by Andy Campbell

AC102 - The Fortune II for 3/4 Struts - $39.95

Display real testimonials

AC103 - The Fortune Tailer III for Standing - $39.95

Makes it easy to position tails

With Noonie's Turkey forms, wing inserts, drumsticks, and flexible necks you can create perfect Turkey Mount pose.

Turkey Fortune Tailer By Andy Campbell

Andy is known for his exceptional turkey work. Andy developed the "Fortune Tailer" it gives feather perfect tails. The Fortune Tailer I for a 1/2 strut bird of the Fortune Tailer II for a 3/4 strut.  All that needs to be done is bondoing the quills and inserting the tail feathers into the "Fortune Tailer" feather slots.  After it dries remove a perfect positioned tail for that difficult pose. 

Works for any Turkey pose

Noonie's will provide you whatever system and guidance that works for you.