Tohickon Whitetail EYes

Quantum VX Prestige

1. Medium Color, White Banded all the way around

#400-OP (30 & 32mm) - $10.49

2. Medium Color, Pre-rotated White Banded

#400-PR (30 & 32mm) - $10.49

650-XB Series-The Original Joe Meder Deer Eyes

#650-XB (30 & 32 mm) - $18.99

Medium Color 

New Improved Red Veins

250A Medium Brown WTD/Sika Eyes

#250 (26mm) - $15.45

Medium Color White Banded

205 Bright Tech Economy Deer Eyes

#205  (30mm & 32mm) - $6.69

Dark Color No White Band

250A Mouflon Eyes

#250A (30 & 32mm) - $15.45

Yellow/Orange Color

250A Corsican Eyes

#250A (30 & 32mm) - $15.45

Yellow/Orange (more orange) Color

Glass Eyes to die for

Eyes With Band (WB)

WB (With Band)..........$8.65

Eyes Pre-Rotated (PR)

PR (Pre-Rotated)..........$8.65

New High Quality Economically Priced Deer Eyes by Payer Eyes.

Whitetail Deer - Medium Color in 30 mm or 32 mm

Eyes With Defined Cornea, Veins (DCV)

DCV (Defined Cornea, Veins........$10.95

Boar Eyes

Boar Eyes

Realistic Boar Eyes

605 Boar Eyes

#605BR-28 ........ 28mm ........ $16.49

Medium Color

610 Boar Eyes

#610BR-28 ........ 28mm ........ $23.19

Medium Color (Competition Quality with Veins)

Whitetail Deer Eyes

Glass Eyes With Band

These really are whitetail deer's eyes to die for

Glass Eyes Pre-Rotated

Amazingly realistic whitetail deer eyes

Eyes with Defined Cornea and Veins

These glass deer eyes are extremely high quality.

Easy Eye set

Noonie's New Originals

These are sculpted for very easy eye set and very little clay is needed for Noonie's new original eye sets.

Whitetail Eye Sets

We are happy to offer Payer Eyes. They are easy to set and we offer several variations for our Whitetail deer eye sets. The eyes make for a very realistic Whitetail deer.

Eyes are Available in Various Styles

Glass eyes are dark brown with an oval pupil, cornea, and veins