Eastern Whitetail

Slim-Head Eastern Whitetail

Noonie's new original semi-sneak slim-head eastern whitetail.

Sculpted by Mike "Noonie" Noonkester

Mounted by Scott Harlow (form #WD67517-LT)

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Noonie's Experience


I have always felt the need for a truly original Eastern White Tail Deer Form. Sculpted from Va., NC, Pa. carcasses to fit the Eastern White Tail Deer. I have put forth more effort and time than anything I’ve ever done. With over thirty years of experience this is what and how I came up with them! Thanks to the help of our freezedry

machines and many taxidermists helping us come with the carcasses. I’ve burned many brain cells on this one! Give them a try.

Friends in Taxidermy, Mike "Noonie" Noonkester and staff

Slim Head Eastern Whitetail

Inner Ear Canal locator point

Noone's Original

Semi-Sneak Slim Eastern Whitetail

Sculpted to accept Eppley ear bases.

Easy to set eyes

Eye cant  set at 15 degrees

Great News

Our whitetails now have more poses and sizes with same great features

Eyes set with very little clay needed.

Eye angle set at 45 degrees  

Slim Head Offset Shoulder Whitetail Semi-Sneak Series

In Pre-Rut and Full-Rut

Harvested by: Poe Noonkester

Mounted by: Noonie on Form#525-OS (See our Catalog - need to add link here)

Offset shoulder form for whitetail slim-head (#588-OS with WPED-58-R or PED-58-LR)

Offset shoulder (#525-OS)

Heavier Detail

Full-Rut and Pre-Rut

(#527-OS, #525-OS)

New Slim Head (#525-OS)

Noonie's Casting Tools

Carcass Cast

Shoulder and neck carcass cast


Jig for pouring casting

Casting tools

Shoulder, neck and legs castings

Freeze-dried Head

Actual head dehaired then freeze-dried

Casting Parts

Parts poured in castings

Start of Assembly

Start of assembling parts

Noonie's Original Slim-Head


All parts assembled, ready for sculpting

Noonie's Original

Start of clay work


Detail with the help of my stencil

Clay work

Brisket area clayed in


Head with a thin layer of clay sculpted

over freeze-dried head

Sculpture Molding

Finished sculpture ready for molding

Freeze-dried Carcasses


Freeze-dried shoulder for reference

Stenciling Shoulder

Making of stencil off of freeze-dried shoulder

Shoulder with Stencil

Freeze-dried shoulder with stencil

Freeze-Dried Carcass

Freeze-Dried Carcass

Thanks to the help of our freeze-dry machines and many taxidermists helping us develop our carcasses forms.

Freeze-Dried Carcass

Noonie's Forms

"I started with the 17” and after molding and mounting we decided the shoulders were too wide. So, since this was the

starting point of the whole line, we  decided to take an inch out of the width to give the shoulders a more tear drop shape. ", 

Mike "Noonie" Noonkester

(On this one size only, we will be offering wide and narrow shoulders.)

WD67517-LT-W (Top/Bottom Left) - Wide Shoulder

WD67517-LT-N - (Top/Bottom RIght) - Narrow Shoulder 

Proper Carnecular Eye Anatomy and Width Proper Ear Butt Locations and Width

All great features

Natural Nose Shape and Width

Noonie will help you with whatever you need.