Boar Mannikins

Boar Mannikins

Noonie's boars are Sculpted by World Champion Chris Horne

Some of Chris's accomplishments with boars:

  • Best in World small/medium game head - 2013
  • Best in World small/medium life size - 2013
  • Big Rock Sports Grand Champion - 2014
  • 8 Time Breakthrough Awards
  • NTA Distinguished Taxidermist of the Year - 2010
  • Numerous State Champion Game Head Titles

Open Mouth Form (Left) / Closed Mouth Form (Right)

Form Features Include:

  • Lefts, Straights & Rights
  • With leg detail and brisket pocket depth
  • All forms come open mouth or closed mouth
  • Positive-set eye sockets
  • Molded for our positive-set jaw sets
  • Detailed face and neck and shoulder shield
  • Positive-set ear butts for earliners or Bondo methods

Lefts, Straights, & Rights (Left) / Boar Measurement Guide (Right)

Noonie's Boar Series Mannikins offers some of the most accurate anatomy and are offered in a variety of styles and sizes.  Noonie's mannikins and accessories with measurement guides make for amazing realistic boars. 

Boar Accessories

BRECG Ref. Eye Cast with Glass Eye (Above Left) -------- BRECG Ref. Eye Cast (Above Right)

Boar Accessories are poured and custom painted by World Champion Chris Horne

Boar Noses are poured with translucent material

BRN-S1, BRN-S2, BRN-m2 (Left) / Boar Nose (Right) 

Boar Jaw Sets - Forms are sculpted for positive-set jaw sets

BRMJ-ST (Left) / Boar Jaw (Right)

Boar Eyes

Boar Eyes

Realistic Board Eyes

605 Boar Eyes

#605BR-28 ,,,,,,,, 28mm ,,,,,,,,$16.49

Medium Color

610 Boar Eyes

#610BR-28 ........ 28mm ........ $23.19

Medium Color (Competition Quality with Veins)