We Manufacture & Sell Forms, Supplies, Habitats


  1. Noonie’s Taxidermy Supply has some of the newest and most innovative whitetail deer forms on the market.
  2. We make taxidermy forms for Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Fish and other game animals.
  3. We make our forms in house. Our forms are sculpted by world renowned taxidermists.
  4. We have in the Whitetail deer an "Upright Whitetail", a "Half off the wall" and "Semi-sneak" forms. We have offset shoulders “Semi-sneak” forms and slim head “Semi-sneak” forms. For turkeys we have “Strut,” "Walk,” "gobbling" and other poses for turkeys, as well as, different sizes. We also have forms for fox, bobcats, raccoons, red fox, gray fox and coyotes.
  5. We offer FLAT PRICING of $53.95 on all Deer forms and Turkey forms ranging from $18 - $29.
  6. We also have trout bodies, artificial heads and smallmouth bass bodies. Coming soon: New game head forms by Chris Horne.  


  1. We carry Payer Eyes and Tohickon glass eyes such as Whitetail deer and others, Mohr jaw sets, Level Rite hangers and No Tilt hangers.
  2. We have Eppley Whitetail deer ear liners, replacement noses, nictitating membranes and septums.
  3. We carry flex eyes for fish.
  4. We carry potters clay, aves critters clay and Apoxie sculpt. We have Zap-A-Gap glue and Zap-A-Gap gel.
  5. We have many miscellaneous items for your taxidermy projects.
  6. Tanning products by KNOBLOCHS and PRO-1. We also have hide paste by PRO-1.
  7. We have Tim Jordan’s A to Z Turkey Mount DVD, as well as, miscellaneous turkey products such as: Fortune tailers, plug-in wire systems, drum sticks, flexible necks and wings.
  8. We have taxidermy dry preservative and citric acid and taxidermy tools such as: scissors, Badger air-brushes and accessories.
  9. We have the Dan-D-Noser, scalpel blades and handles, ear openers, as well as, knife and scissor sharpeners.


  1. We have many different habitats for mounting game.
  2. We have Habitat table and floor bases in barn wood finishes by Calloway's.
  3. We have finished habitat. These are designed to fit our table and floor bases (All habitats are made to simply screw into our bases). There are 3 different habitat scenes made for each size.
  4. We have some of the most realistic artificial rocks and habitat materials including flocking materials.
  5. We have mount habitats and some of the most realistic artificial driftwood and habitat materials on the market. Some habitats come with a no-tilt hanger system installed.